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The development status and Prospect of aluminum alloy industry

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Source:, 2013-2017, China's aluminum processing industry development prospects and investment forecast analysis report, the name of the report can be viewed in detail.

Aluminum alloy is a general term for aluminum based alloy. The main alloying elements are copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, manganese, minor alloying elements are nickel, iron, titanium, chromium, lithium, etc.. Aluminum alloy is widely used in the need of a good formability, high corrosion resistance, and the strength of the product is not high. For example, chemical equipment, food industry device and storage containers, utensils, ornaments, hardware etc..

Development status of aluminum alloy industry:

In recent years, with the government to rectify and standardize the market order and strengthen the market competition and the role of the survival of the fittest mechanism, China's aluminum alloy industry in the rapid growth of the total, while the internal structure has changed significantly, the industry began to mature gradually. At present, China's aluminum alloy material industry has already crossed the initial stage of development characterized by quantitative growth, initially entered a new stage to improve the quality of products, rich product variety, rely on comprehensive strength to participate in market competition.

2012 1-12 months, the national production of aluminum alloy, an increase of 20.77%. From the output of various provinces and cities, the output of Tianjin aluminum alloy, an increase of 25.70%, accounting for 10.28% of the total output. Followed by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hebei and Jiangsu provinces, respectively, the total production of 10.18%, 10.16% and 10%.

Prospect trend analysis of aluminum alloy industry:

The future of China's aluminum alloy industry market demand is huge. As China is in the middle stage of industrialization, the main consumption of aluminum alloy profiles for the construction industry, industrial aluminum alloy profiles consumption accounted for all of the proportion of aluminum alloy profiles consumption is far lower than the developed countries. With the development of China's industrialization, the demand for aluminum alloy profiles is inevitable. In the consumption structure of aluminum alloy, the proportion of consumption of industrial aluminum alloy profiles will be increased. At present, the automobile industry has become China's pillar industry, China's auto industry has entered the fast lane, and has become the world's auto producing countries and the world's most potential consumer market. Light weight is an important means for automobile industry energy saving and emission reduction. In addition, despite the impact of aluminum alloy doors and windows in recent years, the market performance is weak, but the future development of the real estate industry, driven by aluminum alloy doors and windows of the corrosion resistance, deformation, high fire resistance, long life, environmental protection and energy saving, the decision is still the mainstream in the future market.

Prospective network: 2013-2017, China's aluminum processing industry development prospects and investment forecast analysis report, a total of eight chapters. Firstly, the concept, characteristics and classification of aluminum and aluminum alloy are introduced, and then the overall development of the domestic and international aluminum industry and the development environment of the aluminum alloy industry are analyzed. Subsequently, the report on the national and major regional output data of aluminum alloy was analyzed, and the aluminum alloy doors, aluminum alloy wheels, aluminum alloy forgings. In the final report, the technology development of the aluminum alloy industry is analyzed, and the future prospects and development trend of the aluminum alloy industry are predicted.

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