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The development prospect of aluminum alloy in China

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China's recent release of the new material industry in China, the twelfth five year development plan pointed out that the aluminum alloy will focus on the development of new materials in the next five years, China's aluminum alloy plate material in the next five years, the demand will continue to rise. Is expected in 2015 China's new energy vehicles cumulative production and sales will exceed 500 thousand, the passenger car demand more than 12 million, then, the demand for aluminum alloy sheet will reach 170 thousand tons per year. In the next five years, China will usher in the golden age of aluminum alloy plate development.

Champoux consulting metallurgical industry analysts believe that the Aluminum Alloy material is a new material, casting industry focus on the development of our country at the same time, it will also be widely used in other industries, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries, in addition, in recent years, "Al generation copper" phenomenon, also let the new Aluminum Alloy cable materials have become the new darling of the industry, with the rapid development of related industries, the development of Aluminum Alloy materials has also formed a benign industrial chain, light weight advantages will make more and more Aluminum Alloy materials into more industry to replace the previous material, its development in these industries is favored, believe Aluminum Alloy materials will have better development in the future.

According to the Research Report of the China aluminum alloy die casting Market in 2012-2016, the application of casting aluminum material in the construction industry is becoming more and more extensive. With the development of the real estate industry, more and more construction projects are increasing. The application of cast aluminum doors and windows in the building on the market in China has a long history, when 70 of the last century, began casting aluminum material into China, since then, cast aluminum material has been widely used in building doors and windows market in China, with its good performance in practice has achieved well, so far, the development of the market for building doors and windows also continue to promote the development of aluminum casting industry.

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