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Aluminium alloy rod material properties

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Aluminium alloy rod material properties:

(a), electrical performance

When the cross-sectional area of the aluminum conductor is 1.5 times that of copper, the electrical performance is the same, that is, the same load flow, resistance, and voltage loss of copper are realized. Between the conductive performance between aluminum and copper Mingda Aluminum Alloy material, slightly higher than that of copper, aluminum and below. Under the same load flow, the same length of aluminum alloy conductor is only half the weight of copper conductor. If the electrical conductivity is 62.4%, the electric conductivity of the alloy is 2.71, the alloy is 8.9, copper is 1.5 (8.9/2.71) * (0.624/1) =2, the resistance is equal to 2KG alloy.

(two), creep resistance:

Mingda alloy added iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and rare earth metal elements, greatly reducing the metal in the heat and pressure under the "creep" tendency, compared with pure aluminum, creep resistance can be improved by 300%, and a copper. Greatly improved the connection performance, especially when the conductor is annealed, the addition of iron and cerium element produced a high creep resistance, even in the long time of overheating, also can guarantee the stability of the connection.

(three), Gao Yanshen rate:

Elongation is an important index of material mechanical properties, which is an important symbol of the relationship between product quality and the size of external force. Is also an important indicator of the inspection of metallic materials. Extension of informed alloy material after annealing treatment rate can reach 30%, the elongation of copper was 25%, while the general aluminum elongation is 1.5%.

(four), good flexibility:

Toughness better, more times can withstand torsion. One of the important shortcomings of ordinary aluminum is the high degree of brittleness, as long as a few times a certain angle of torsion, wire surface will produce cracks, cracks will increase the contact resistance, is an important reason for the emergence of fire. Mingda Aluminum Alloy material flexibility higher than copper 25%, even after repeated stress, will not crack, the installation can withstand the twist number than copper wire, reducing the security risks generated during installation.

(five), oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance

Aluminum in the air is quickly generated a thickness of approximately 2 x 10-4mm dense oxide film. To prevent further corrosion of the metal inside. And copper can not produce oxide film, so the pollutants will remain on the surface, further corrosion, corrosion for a period of time, the rain washed, the oxide will be washed away, new pollutants and accumulate, re corrosion of the new metal, and copper no oxide film, resulting in the oxidation of copper is very fast, metal loss a lot. Informed Aluminum Alloy material due to the addition of rare earth metals in chemical performance, to further improve the pure aluminum as the metal conductor corrosion resistance, reduce the potential difference between the different metal, because the potential difference is bigger, more serious corrosion. Other metal elements are allowed to be paired with metal, which can reduce the contact corrosion caused by the potential difference.

(six) the service life of aluminum alloy material

Mingda alloy adding rare earth cerium and lanthanum elements to improve the performance and the electrical properties of the conductor mechanics at the same time, optimize the structure of the alloy, the alloy of life, conductor heat resistance and wear resistance was significantly improved. In addition, aluminum alloy surface and air contact will form a strong and thin oxide layer, the oxidation layer is particularly resistant to various forms of corrosion, especially in the sulfur environment is particularly prominent.

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