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9 major advantages of aluminum alloy cable

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In China, copper core cable is the best known, it almost occupied most of the country's cable market, can be described as "the warlords". Copper core cable has the characteristics of high strength, large carrying capacity, this point is no doubt, the problem is the inherent scarcity of copper resources in China, in recent years, the market supply and demand contradictions, resulting in copper prices also soared, plus copper construction is difficult to install high installation cost, easy to steal, defect of the aging so, people are increasingly rising for replacing the copper voice.

Recently, the reporter visited the cable market, found that more and more users and project developers began to look at a new alloy conductor materials - aluminum alloy AA8030 conductor. Aluminum alloy AA8030 conductor material production of aluminum alloy cable, its electrical performance and safety performance are very good, in Europe and the United States has a fairly general application, market statistics show that aluminum alloy cable in Europe and the United States cable market share has been as high as 90%.

Aluminum Alloy cable A new force suddenly rises., favored by the market, the traditional copper core cable users may doubt, Aluminum Alloy cable can replace the aluminum core cable? And compared with the traditional copper core cable, aluminum alloy cable what are the advantages of it?

Aluminum alloy cable from the United States in 1968, the United States has been used for 43 years, the use of the product has been quite common, the North American market share reached 80%. After 43 years of practice has proved that the use of aluminum alloy cable has never occurred any failure, is safe.

Electric power cable with good mechanical and electrical properties, it can be widely used in various fields of national economy, such as ordinary people, high-rise buildings, elevators, supermarket shopping malls, subway, airport, station, hospital, bank, office building, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, postal service, exhibition, library, museum, museum, ancient building, school, electric power building, underground building, warehouse, etc., can also be used in metallurgy, steel, coal, power plant, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear power plants, nuclear power plants, aerospace, military, paper, etc.. Aluminum alloy power cable has the following advantages:

1 creep resistance

Alloy materials and annealing treatment of aluminum alloy conductor reduce the "creep" tendency of conductor under heat and pressure. Compared with pure aluminum, creep resistance can be improved by 300%.

2 tensile strength and elongation

Aluminum alloy conductor, compared to pure aluminum conductor, due to the addition of special components and the use of special processing technology, greatly improved the tensile strength, and the extension rate increased to 30%, the use of more safe and reliable.

3 thermal expansion coefficient

The thermal expansion coefficient is used to calculate the dimensional changes of the material when the temperature is changed. The thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy and copper, aluminum connectors for many years have been reliably used for copper and aluminum conductors, and most of the electrical connectors used today are made of aluminum, which is especially suitable for aluminum alloy. So the expansion and contraction of the aluminum alloy conductor and the connector are completely consistent.

4 connection performance

Electrical connections made of aluminium alloys are as safe and stable as the copper conductors made. The composition of the aluminum alloy greatly improved its connection performance, when the conductor annealing, the addition of iron to produce high strength anti creep performance, even in the long time overload and overheat, also can guarantee the stability of the connection.

5 weight bearing capacity

Aluminum alloy improves the tensile strength of pure aluminum, aluminum alloy cable can support the weight of 4000 meters length, copper cable can only support 2750 meters. This advantage is particularly prominent in the large span of the building (such as the stadium).

6 corrosion resistance

The inherent corrosion resistance of aluminum is formed when the aluminum surface is exposed to air, which is formed of a thin and strong oxide layer, which is especially resistant to various forms of corrosion. And the rare earth element added in the alloy can improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, especially the electrochemical corrosion. Aluminum can withstand the harsh environment of the characteristics of its widely used in the cable tray, as well as many industrial components and containers. The generation of corrosion is often associated with the connection of different metals in the wet environment, which can be used to prevent the occurrence of corrosion, such as the use of lubricating oils, antioxidants, and protective coatings. Acidic soil alkaline soil and some types are more corrosive to aluminum, so aluminum conductor directly buried insulating layer or sheath mould should be used to prevent corrosion. In the environment of sulfur, such as railway tunnels and other similar places, the corrosion resistance of Al alloy is much better than that of copper.

7 flexibility

Aluminum alloy has a very good bending performance, its unique alloy formula, processing technology, so that a substantial increase in flexibility. Aluminum alloy is more flexible than copper 30%, rebound resistance is lower than 40%. General cable bending radius is 10~20 times of the outer diameter and Aluminum Alloy bending radius is only 7 times the diameter, easy terminal connection.

8 armored characteristics

The armored cable used in China, most of the steel armor, the security level is low, under the outside force damage, its ability to withstand the poor, easily lead to breakdown, and weight, the installation cost is quite high, and poor corrosion resistance, service life is not long. We according to the American Standard metal armored cable chain development, using the Aluminum Alloy with chain armour, the linkage structure between the layers, can guarantee the cable

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