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Aluminium alloy cable

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Ministry of the 2014 document to determine the support of aluminum alloy cable industry into the industry adjustment guide directory, aluminum alloy wire Market Opportunities highlights, at present on the wire and cable market, aluminum alloy in the following cable material has a huge advantage, used to replace most of the copper wire material, aluminum alloy copper, copper, aluminum alloy 80%, the price is only 30%, the domestic and international market prospects are very broad.

Heat Aluminum Alloy wire is made of heat-resisting wire Aluminum Alloy round wire and galvanized steel wire into. With the rapid development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for power is increasing rapidly, and transmission line is developing rapidly. Heat resistant aluminum alloy as a kind of good performance of special wire, in our country city network capacity expansion, substation construction and general line has a good advantage.

1 characteristics (compared with ordinary steel core aluminum stranded wire)

(1) for a long time working temperature of 150, the short-time temperature can reach 180 degrees, thereby allowing the load flow to be 1.5~1.6 times of the ordinary lead of the same size.

(2), at room temperature, with the same strength and common aluminum wire, high temperature operation mechanical strength retention rate can be maintained at more than 90%.

(3), both at room temperature or in high temperature, compared with ordinary aluminum wire is kept with the same degree of creep.

(4) there are no major differences between the two types of salt spray test and outdoor exposure test.

2 use occasions

(1), especially suitable for the large current transmission of substation, power plant, bus, can save project investment.

(2) in the city network line expansion project, in particular in the narrow line corridor, only need to change the conductor of the similar cross-section, basically do not need to replace the tower, which can meet the strength and lead on the ground level of the requirements.

(3), in the double circuit line, the carrying capacity of the other loop may also be carried in short time, so as to facilitate the repair and maintenance of an accident.

(4), in the new way, the heat Aluminum Alloy wire line structure is simplified, the number of fittings and parts are reduced and the safe operation of the line is very good.

3 model

Heat resistant aluminium alloy wire for NRLH58J,

4 specifications

Specification for heat resistant aluminium alloy wire is indicated by the sectional area of the heat resistant aluminium alloy wire and the section area of the steel core. Area unit is mm2. Heat resistant aluminium alloy wire can be produced from 35 to 800 mm2, steel core heat resistance aluminum alloy wire can produce specifications 95 ~ 1440 mm2.

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