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  Jiaozuo City, San Wu aluminum Limited by Share Ltd located in Wanfang Industrial Park District of Yuntai Mountain World Geological Park, national AAAAA level scenic spots, Henan city of Jiaozuo province Xiuwu County Xiuwu County at the foot of the Department of industrial agglomeration, high strength and high conductivity, super hard and ultra resistant Aluminum Alloy materials research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises sold in one of the city of Jiaozuo; the year 2013 the first batch of high-tech enterprises and the excellent creative enterprises; 2014 years in Jiaozuo city in the first batch of high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises; Jiaozuo aluminum zinc magnesium alloy materials engineering technology research center.

  San Wu company dedicated to high performance aluminum alloy materials research and development, production and sales. The main products are high performance aluminum alloy cast rod, aluminum alloy rod, continuous casting and rolling aluminum and aluminum alloy plate. Has 20 sets of tons of three tons of alloy melting furnace, 15 tons of two tons of electromagnetic stirring smelting furnace, 15 two tons of static heat preservation furnace, four cast rod production line, annual production capacity of 100 thousand tons. The production of alloy rods (1 series, 2 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 Series), main specifications for 90, 100, 5, Phi Phi Phi 120, Phi 127, Phi 150, Phi 178, Phi 203, Phi 228, Phi 380, Phi 458, the product widely used in civil building materials, industrial materials and aerospace, computer, circuit board, light iron and other high-tech fields.

  San Wu company has three continuous casting and rolling production line, annual production capacity of 70 thousand tons, products are 9.5, 12.5, Phi Phi 15 electrical round aluminum rod, aluminum alloy rod (8030, 3003, 6201, 6101), extrusion aluminum rod (1050, 1060, 1100), the products are widely used in electric wire Cable, electromagnetic line, air conditioning pipe, automotive pipe and other fields.

  Including the continuous casting and rolling strip material: 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 8 series aluminum and Aluminum Alloy strip; thickness: 6-10mm; width: 500-800mm; precision products: transverse thickness difference 0.5%H, vertical thickness difference 1.05%H, width tolerance of less than 4mm; smooth surface, no scratch pit, packages, marks, no cracks, spots, stripes and other surface defects, the new high-end electronic products panel and shell with aluminum capacitor

  Sheng Hao has strong product design and development capabilities. After eight years of development, cultivate a batch of technical backbone and bring together a combination of academic leaders. 60% R & D personnel with more than 5 years of experience in the development of aluminum alloy material, including 6 people over 8 years. Company positive

  Cooperation with scientific research institutes, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, product design, technology development, processing and manufacturing, testing technology advantages to the application, professional and technical personnel continue to get further education, forming a age structure, knowledge structure configuration reasonable research and development, management team. The company won the national invention and utility model patents 14, 4 provincial-level scientific and technological achievements, the enterprise internal standards 1; 14 other inventions are being approved in the patent. In addition the company also developed a cooperation agreement with the high-tech project Research Institute signed, held a number of proprietary technology, and continue to carry out high forward-looking technology research and development. Product contains a number of its own intellectual property, so that the product has a variety, multi grade, multi specifications and high technology content, the characteristics of different customers can meet the different needs, production of high strength ultra hard alloy rods and high conductivity super conductor rod, Lian Zhulian rolled aluminum and aluminum alloy plate with high end products.

  The company has a professional management team, 80% of the management staff of more than ten years, has accumulated a wealth of management experience. The industry condition, technology and equipment are very familiar to the company, the company has a high degree of loyalty, the company has become the backbone of the development of the company. In particular, the company chairman Zhang Mei, since 2006 to enter the aluminum alloy material industry, the industry has experienced nearly 10 years of development, has a keen market insight and deep understanding, can make a forward-looking response to the continuous development of the market and technology.

  Sheng Hao company has the industry's advanced manufacturing equipment and precision testing equipment, to first-class products, first-class testing equipment, to provide customers with high quality and reliable products. Including Germany Spike spectrometer, Arun optical spectrometer, spectrophotometer and computer high-speed analyzer, metallographic analyzer, aluminum melt fast hydrogen tester, ultrasonic flaw detector, digital display universal tensile testing machine, bridge DC resistance tester, the heating furnace, the Aluminum Alloy product composition, microstructure and properties are provide fast and comprehensive and accurate inspection. To ensure that the company has large-scale production capacity and product quality in line with industry standards. Based on the strong R & D capability, advanced technology, complete production testing equipment and strict quality control standards, the company passed the quality management system certification in 2010.

  Sheng Hao established the system, improve the management system, from supplier development, raw material procurement, product development and design, product production, quality control, to the whole process of product delivery, there are strict management procedures. Small to the daily production class will, product review, production coordination, to the weekly meetings and monthly general manager, the company's operations in each and every detail of the implementation of fine management, to ensure that the various departments, inter, the team's work flow and the company's business processes.

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