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Aerospace Electrical Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

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Aerospace Electrical Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

  Is located in the "nine provinces" in Wuhan City, West Industrial Zone, is the birthplace of China's first Aluminum Alloy wire, wire and cable industry's first domestic listing Corporation. Its registered trademark "China brand" for the Chinese well-known trademarks, is one of the ten famous brands of domestic wire and cable industry. The company's total assets of about 2 billion 600 million yuan, has a series of imported advanced production and testing equipment. Is currently the only one with aluminum alloy, aluminum clad steel, cross-linked cable, composite conductor cable, special cable and other wire and cable products manufacturing technology enterprises, with l00 million volts and below the core manufacturing technology, with an annual output of 30000 tons of aluminum alloy series, 80000 tons of steel core aluminum, more than 20000 kilometers of low voltage wire and cable production capacity.

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