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Xinxiang Henan golden dragon copper tube Co., Ltd.

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Xinxiang Henan golden dragon copper tube Co., Ltd.

The main products include: all kinds of series of products with high precision and high efficiency of copper tube for air conditioning and refrigeration; refrigeration precision tubes, micro channel aluminum flat tube and lithium aluminum products for vehicles; lithium battery separator and the lithium ion battery cathode materials and products; high power lithium vehicles series products; Pb Zn, Mn, gold, nickel and other mineral resources and other products. Formed on the upstream and downstream industry and cross correlation between the five pillars of the industry chain, has become the world's largest manufacturer of precision copper pipe and the most powerful scientific research and development innovation base, the leader in the international refrigeration precision copper pipe manufacturing industry. In 2008 the group achieved sales income of 16 billion yuan, the economic scale of China's nonferrous metals industry 20 strong, Henan industrial enterprises IO strong, Chinese enterprises 500 strong and 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises.

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