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Wuxi Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

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Wuxi Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

  Founded in 1988, is one of the largest supplier of aluminum tubes, rods and profiles for cars in china. In 2000, with the world's top 500 joint venture of Wuxi hydro aluminium hydro Aluminium Co. Ltd.; by the end of 2005 was renamed Wuxi Hatal Aluminium Co. ltd.. The main products are automobile heat exchange system of precision cold drawing tubes, plates, profiles, joint support of automobile air conditioning system expansion valve profile, reservoir of cold extrusion of aluminum, aluminum pipe for automobile shock absorber system and braking system of ABS bar suspension parts, forged aluminum rod etc.. At the same time, actively develop non automotive industry with precision aluminum alloy tube, power station air cooling equipment, refrigeration equipment, desalination systems, etc.

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